Special announcement…..

Helloooo Lovely people


My apologies for coming back after so long. It has been almost a year since my last post. I missed you guys so much. But I am back with a bomb….a very special news……*surprise* ……..Me and Avinash became parents to a baby BOY.

Haha, YES I didn’t even reveal it on any of the social media. But I swear my pregnancy was the most fascinating and beautiful experience. These were probably the sweetest days of my life.

So, let us start from the very beginning…what do you say?🤗

My Pregnancy- The Good News

On September 2016, almost after two and a half years of being married, I got to know that I was pregnant. Tha-dah….in the blink of an eye, my entire life changed. That feeling of having a baby inside you is unexplainable. Then, I surprised Avinash and told him about it, and his reaction and that happy face will forever be in my memory. The best part was, it was his birthday also. Avinash said that this was the most precious gift he could ask for ever in his life. We both were so happy and we couldn’t hold our excitement to share this news with our family. That day was just so perfect.

As of today, my baby is almost one and half months old and I sometimes really miss my pregnancy journey. So, here I am sharing my pregnancy with you all…I hope you people will like it..

In my coming posts I would be sharing my pregnancy experiences order wise starting from the first trimester and we’ll also talk about maternity fashion and what all I wore during those lovely days.


This is one of our happiest moments. ‘We are pregnant’ is the most beautiful feeling in the world, I swear.

In these pictures,  I am wearing a wrinkled cotton dress by Tuli by Vaunt and the Blue topaz chain is from Shree Durga Jeweller. Follow them on Instagram and check out their amazing collection.

Let me know if you like this post by commenting below.

Till then, stay happy and adore yourself😊

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