My Second Trimester Recap

Hello lovelies


A few days back, I posted about how my first trimester was like. Read it here if you haven’t.

I would start this post by a note that every pregnancy is different, so please don’t compare your experiences with others.

Let’s begin…

My second trimester was wonderful and it was amazing to feel a jelly bean growing fast inside you. It’s really true what most people say. Second trimester will treat you very well and will leave you feeling your absolute best. Here are some of my second trimester experiences…..

▪️I was done with morning sickness by the end of 14-15 week. I felt good and my appetite for tasty 😋 food returned. I started craving for pizzas and nachos….and Chinese and what all😜.

▪️I felt more energetic. It seemingly happened overnight. Going to my workplace or shopping was no longer a huge task. I also started enjoying my yoga classes and became more productive in these three months.

▪️The best part of this trimester was that my skin started glowing and I looked amazingly beautiful☺️. Also my hair became noticeably thicker.


This picture is from a cousin’s wedding in Jodhpur. Look how obsessed I was with my skin.

▪️I gained a lot of weight (which is pretty obvious), approx 9 kgs, just in these 3 months. But, the strange thing was….that I loved it. My weight gain made me feel happy.
But, yes… back wasn’t very happy with this…haha

▪️I also had some sleeping issues in my 6th month. I had always been a belly-sleeper. And your bump doesn’t allow you to sleep on your stomach. This transition was really hard for me. I ended up sleeping against a lot of pillows by my side.

▪️The biggest drawback of the second trimester is clothes. I struggled a lot with my outfits. Being a fashion lover, I couldn’t find good maternity clothes anywhere (not even online). So, I ended up wearing large sizes of Zara and H&M.

▪️Guess what was my most memorable moment of this trimester……The FIRST BABY KICK. I felt the first kick around the 18th week. It started as fluttering but it’s intensity increased with time. I remember how the baby stopped kicking whenever Avinash put his hands on my belly…haha😂. I really cherish those moments. Feeling this baby kick is seriously the most incredible feeling. It makes all the discomfort and pain feel like nothing.

This trimester was a vacation compared to first. We travelled to alot of places like Delhi,Jodhpur, Udaipur and 2 times to Pushkar. In fact, we also went to GOA for our BABY MOON during this time. I am glad I live in this time when Baby moon is a thing. Our trip was amazing and Avinash pampered me a lot just like that Perfect Husband.

Just look at that BUMP! Relax! Chill! Relax! This is all we did in Goa…..

Some tips for Second Trimester:

  • Start with pregnancy yoga as soon as you enter this trimester.
  • Attend pregnancy related and childbirth classes.. I was lucky as my hospital; offered both Yoga and pre and post pregnancy seminars.
  • Start moisturising your belly to prevent Stretch marks and reduce itchiness.
  • Pamper yourself with pedicure, manicure and pre natal massages.
  • This is the best time to travel. So, take advantage and plan a BABY MOON with your partner. Just remember to get a Fit to Travel Certificate from your doctor before flying.
  • Start Sleeping on your left side, otherwise it will be difficult to adjust in the third trimester.
  • Go shopping and buy somes new clothes and shoes…..
  • Eat Healthy and drink plenty of water.

I hope you consider these tips and let me know about your journey by commenting below.

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Much love


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