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It took really long for me to put together my birth story as it was the most scary yet memorable day of my life. I have kept it very raw and simple,and I hope you guys will like it. Happy reading and here it goes!

Since the day I got pregnant, I always knew that I wanted a natural delivery, and my commitment became even stronger as the time passed. I read a lot of books, browsed the internet and attended several childbirth classes, and to be honest, most of them focused on natural delivery. I always had this in my mind that it is better to deliver in a way that the God and nature has created. Another reason why I wanted a natural birth was because I also wanted a faster recovery.

It was 22 May 2017, at around 9 pm. I was watching TV while laying on the sofa and suddenly, I felt some trickling. I immediately called Avinash and we rushed to the hospital without wasting any time. There, the emergency doctor did my check up, and we were disappointed as it was just mucus…lol. We came back home, but I don’t know how I had that intuition that something was going to happen, and went off to sleep.

I slept really well that night and woke up at around 9 am. As soon as I got off from the bed, I felt trickling again, which was much more than the previous one. I was really scared and asked Avinash and my mom in law to take me to the hospital again. I remember, we were in the lift and I suddenly felt a gush of fluid coming out. ‘Oh my God, my water broke!’

At around 10 am, my doctor did my checkup and I was shifted to the labour room immediately. I was made to wear that scary pink hospital gown and they also gave me a tablet to induce pains. I could feel a continuous trickling, but there was no pain at all.

Ugh! I look horrible. They made me eat because I needed energy to tolerate the labour pains! Avinash! You could have clicked a nicer picture.

It was 10:45 exactly, and I felt my first contraction. Avinash and my mom in law were with me in the labour room. The contractions appeared in a gap of 15 mins, and oh boy! They were terrible! As the time passed, the intensity of pains increased and at around 2:30 pm, they became continuous with maximum intensity and I was shouting badly. Avinash was there with me throughout, holding my hand and was cheering me up.

By mid afternoon, the contractions were coming one after the other, but I was only 3-4 cm dilated. The doctor told me that I wasn’t progressing, “We should think about a C-section.” My first reaction was that I didn’t want one, and starting crying even louder. She told me that she would let me go for another 4-5 hrs, but I might not progress anymore. And also I had lost all my amniotic fluid and there was a risk that my baby could catch some infection. I had not read much about C -section and I didn’t know what to expect. I trusted my doctor and said Ok.

Now, comes the most terrible part of my delivery. First of all, Avinash was not allowed to stay with me during the operation. Second, I was in full intensity labor pain and I seriously don’t remember what all they were doing with me at that time. I can just recollect that I was surrounded by n number of people and they first made me sit, did something on my back, I felt a sharp pain due to the injection and started crying badly. Uff! I get goosebumps whenever I think of that moment.

Then, they made a partition and I couldn’t see what the doctors were doing. They also put an oxygen mask on my face and I felt pretty relaxed and mentally present at that time. Right before she pulled the baby out, she gave me a signal,’We are ready’, and they pulled him out. I could feel everything that was going on, but it was not painful.

The baby started crying the second he was out, and they didn’t even tell me whether it was a girl or a boy, despite me asking many times.It took them 5 minutes to clean the baby and test him. Then they brought the baby to me, and said IT IS A BOY.

OMG! That was the most beautiful and precious moment of my life. I think those feelings cannot be expressed in words. He was staring at me with his widely opened eyes and the first thing I said to him was, ‘I LOVE YOU MY BABY‘. Then, they took him outside and announced the good news to my family.

Here comes my boy! Little Shiv has arrived!

The only regret that I have was that my husband couldn’t be with me during my delivery. I always dreamt of seeing my baby for the first time with Avinash. Anyways, it’s fine. Everything that happens, happens for good.

Yes guys I had a C-section and it was surely not a part of my “birth plan,” but the outcome, the healthy baby, THAT was the most important thing.

So, peeps I hope you enjoyed reading my BIRTH STORY. I know it was a bit long but I seriously have edited a lot to keep it very simple.

This is it guys! Please share your birth stories with me. I would love to hear them. And also do not forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. And also, do follow me on Instagram for regular updates.

See you soon lovelies with another story of my life. Stay tuned, and spread positive vibes.

Lots of love

22 thoughts on “MY BIRTH STORY!

  1. Omg!!! This sounded like my delivery story.. On 02nd sept at 09.30 pm, i started a little bit of spotting and immediately rushed to the hospital.. Thankfully my doctor was available at that time and they detected that i was in labor through NST( although i wasn’t feeling) any pain.. I slept peacefully that night knowing that i would be holding my love the next day.. I was shifted to pre-labor room early mrng next day and they induced me.. At arnd 9, i started to feel the contractions and started bleeding too.. The contractions at first were bearable but it got worse as the day progressed.. The doctors and nurses asked me to walk in the corridor so that im dilated for delivery.. The doctor told me i should be atleast 7-10 cm dilated however i was stuck at 4..The contractions were unbearable by late afternoon and i was praying to all the gods i knew.. The doctor came and checked and i wasnt progressing plus my fluid level was going down and down .. Hence we decided on a c-section.. At 07.28 pm, my world turned upside down and i saw my bundle of joy, my boy Aarish!!

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  2. You took me back to my delivery day!! I was lucky I had a normal delivery but you did the right thing which was required at that time…most important thing is our child…loved reading it…looking forward to more stories from your life!!!

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  3. I would relate! I had gone early to the hospital as well but I decided to stay back there for a day instead of coming home and my baby’s heart beat dropped twice so I had to go in for emergency c sec too.. sometimes our plans don’t work and something better works for good! God bless little Shiv..

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  4. You took me back my delivery story…..i get goosebumps when I think of it…..I had also c-section and that operation room….that blue cap and dress everything was scary too….and painful too But yes that moment when I saw my baby….unforgettable moment and precious moment

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  5. God has all good plans for us even better😃😄 I could relate me to ur story.loads and loads of luv to you and ur cute champ😍😍.Been following ur IG,want to mention ur voice is sweet 😃😃

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  6. What a wonderful yet terrifying experience. Your story brought tears to my eyes and also made me remember my two deliveries. They were both every different experiences going from one extreme to The other. I did not have a c-section but I never want anyone to go through what I did. Thankfully by the end of the whole thing our beautiful son was born. My daughter’s delivery was very quick compared to my first.

    Wonderful job on your stories. I love following you. Xoxo

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  7. You shouldn’t have cut it short anandita. It wasn’t long at all. 😍I loved reading it yet again. 👍 You write/express so well, that your readers can picturize the entire story, I am sure. Keep going!!!

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  8. Thank you Anandita for sharing your birth story with us. It is really inspiring and you fight bravely and not only you but every women are brave.


  9. Thanks a lot Anandita for sharing your story. Here is what happened with me.
    I was also hoping for a normal delivery and was super active till the last day, however destiny had its own plan… rather call it a shock! 12 days before my due date I was diagnosed with the deadly dengue 😓. Had to undergo an emergency csection the same day it was diagnosed as it had become a life threatening situation for me and the baby. Our heartbeats were sinking but by gods grace and hospitalisation of 15 days, we both came out victorious and are totally fit and fine now. We have named our baby ‘Anvika’ which means powerful and complete.
    Ek saale macchar ne bahoot important life lessons diye:
    1) Trust God and have faith in him
    2) Count on your family in times of trouble. The kind of support we got from our entire family was really commendable.
    3) Dont doubt your spouse. My husband doesn’t express his feelings very often. During my entire pregnancy he took very good care of me but was not very vocal about his feelings for the baby. Sometimes I had a doubt whether he will be a good father (blame my overthinking for this). When they were taking me to the operation theatre he was inconsolable, I was shocked to see him like that. During the entire period of our hospitalisation he took care of every single thing. The way he looks after the baby…its a dream come true!



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