My Maternity Shoot!

Hello Family


First of all, I am overwhelmed by all the love that you guys are showering on me and my blogposts. I feel so encouraged and to be honest, I didn’t expect such an amazing response before starting my blog.  So, a big thank you and tons of love.

Today, I am back with another post, which would probably be my last pregnancy blogpost. It was so much fun to share my pregnancy journey with all of you, and what made it look more beautiful was my MATERNITY SHOOT.

When I was 34 weeks pregnant, Avinash and I were very excited to capture some precious photos of that beautiful chapter of our lives. It took me a very long time and lots of hard work to decide different themes. And gathering different kinds of outfits and props was the most difficult task. But, when I saw the final result, I was so happy and realised that all my hard work was worth it. I was completely in love with the pictures and I hope you guys like them too…





I would like to thank the very talented Prachi Sharma from Third Dimension, who was my photographer and she helped me a lot to execute my maternity shoot vision. She made me feel at ease, which is very important for a maternity photoshoot. Also, a very big thank you to Vaunt designer clothing for all those dreamy outfits, which gave me the looks I wanted.

Tips for a Perfect Maternity Photoshoot

I personally feel that you don’t need to work hard on yourself for the shoot, as you and your bump are the stars.  It’s the bump that will do everything. But, yes externally you will need the following tips-

  1. Find the right photographer.
  2. Plan your shoot during the 8th month. The bump looks the best during this time.
  3. Plan your outfits and props for every theme.
  4. It is very important for you to be comfortable during the photoshoot. You should be comfortable with your clothes, location and photographer.
  5. Don’t spend much on a makeup artist and be natural. (Photoshop does miracles…haha)
  6. Take short breaks in between.
  7. Feel confident.

So guys, that is it! I hope you guys had a happy read! Do let me know by commenting below. Also, do not forget to follow me on Instagram for regular updates.

I will be back with more posts on Post delivery self and Baby care. So, Stay Tuned and shower lots of love.






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