My Postpartum Weight Loss Journey!

Hello Lovelies


I am finally sharing the most requested post today- MY POST PARTUM WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY! See, I am a normal woman who gained weight, then lost some, ate healthy, ate poor also and has also been very lazy to work out sometimes. I do not have that perfect body right now and I don’t consider myself to be fitness influencer.


I really feel that every human body is different and it’s more important to appreciate your body and find ways that work best for you. To be honest, my body has always been on the slimmer side(thanks to my genes and good metabolism). And according to me, this factor plays a very essential role.

But ultimately, you guys have continually asked about my weight loss journey. So here I am with some tips that I feel really helped me lose those 20 kgs faster.

Breastfeeding– Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months has helped me reduce weight in a very big way. I know not every woman can breastfeed. No judgement here. But if you can, I suggest every mama to stick to it. I consider it to be a blessing for both Mom and Baby. It burns upto 500 calories per day. Yes, you read that right!


Healthy diet– I was breastfeeding and Diet plays the most important role here. I did not deprive myself and never restricted my portion sizes. I focussed more on filling my tummy with a balanced diet. Oat meal; Dal,Roti,Sabzi; Daliya(Porridge); Salads(after first 40 days); Milk; and lots of water. I used to have Makhana(Fox nuts) whenever I craved for some snacks. That’s it! What I completely avoided in the initial months was White sugar(Instead use Coconut sugar and Jaggery) and Too much Ghee(Just total 2 big Spoons daily)


Walks and Baby jobs– I started walking as soon as I felt comfortable. Please don’t be bed ridden all the time and always listen to your body.  I went through a c-section, but made sure to walk in my room and do all my baby’s work everyday, like massage, bathing, changing diapers, making him sleep, on my own. I did not take much help from my Jappa wali Bai. All this definitely helped me bond with my baby more and I felt happy  and good about myself. In fact I feel proud of myself today. I believe that keeping yourself engrossed in your newborn will help you stay healthy mentally. And I consider this to be a reason why I did not suffer from Post Partum Depression.


Work Out– I started doing mild yoga 3.5 months post delivery.  Just simple stretches at home  and brisk walks for only 10-15 minutes was my daily workout. I suggest to begin steadily, especially if you have had a c-section. And also, most importantly, never start anything without consulting your doctor. At around 6 months, I was doing running(sometimes) and more yoga. Today, I do 20 sit-ups, 10 suryanamaskars , 10 squats , 10 lunges and some leg rotations every day at home.  


DSC_8277an4 I am still 3 kgs above my pre prgnancy weight. I plan to join a gym after Shiv turns 1 year old. I definitely need some body toning now.

My personal advice for the post partum period would be to focus on feeling POSITIVE and HAPPY again, rather than losing weight. Just eat healthy, feel nourished and exercise. Give yourself confidence and grace. Never forget that you have created a miracle. 

So, That’s it guys! I hope you had a happy read. Please do not forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Also, I would love to hear your weight loss stories.

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Much love



17 thoughts on “My Postpartum Weight Loss Journey!

  1. Dear ma’am all ur post is helping me to stay positive in all my time of pregnancy Iam in mid of my 7 month n u r a true inspiration for all of us I wish I had a sister like you to guide me all the time but ur post helping me so much…. Thnx alot I have jotted down my points which I feel is important so that I can remember them when I need….. All the best keep going… Lots of love n hugs to u n Shiv 😘

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  2. Hello Anandita .. My baby just turned 2 months and i have gained alot of weight from the time of delivery til now .. I have also had c-section .. Im just getting depressed by seeing myself in the mirror as to the weight gain in me .. Should i start with walk and yoga from nw? I’m just unable to reduce any weight and feel so uncomfortable with it .. What should i be doing as of now?

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    1. Hi Sakina. It has just been 2 months. So please don’t feel depressed and try to stay positive and enjoy with your new born. Start yoga only after consulting your doctor and a trained professional. Right now, what you can do is check your diet. Don’t take sugars, and too much ghee. Have healthy nutritious food and stick to exclusive Breastfeeding.


  3. Great read! I gained 10 kgs during my pregnancy and lost all of it within 2 months just because of breastfeeding but my body still doesn’t look toned. Need to work on that but my little one…ufff and add the fact that Jaipur still lags behind in good gyms etc in every area.


  4. Great you did hard work I also want to loose some weight but for now I want you to give me some advice or write a blog about how to manage time with your child and yourself. please help me.


  5. That’s very impressive, Anandita! Yes, according to me, Yoga, balanced diet (with no stereotyped restrictions) & breastfeeding are a perfect weight loss combination for every mom, irrespective of whether she’s undergone a c-section or vaginal delivery.

    That was, indeed, my weight loss mantra too! And I really appreciate that you decided to handle most of Shiv’s tasks yourself. I so relate that to my take on post-pregnancy wellness & recovery. I too had started giving my daughter her daily massage & bath myself, That helps us bond better with our child just like breastfeeding.

    Coming to the breastfeeding part, I do agree that not 100% of the mothers will be able to breastfeed. But that may be due to genuine health reasons. However, in India, though there’s a lot of awareness about breastfeeding reaching every expecting mom, somehow this is quite an underrated concern for many hospitals & nursing homes. Moreover, there’s pretty a dearth of lactation consultants in India as compared to other countries, who really support & train new moms into breastfeeding successfully before her discharge. What sadly happens is colustrum is expected to ‘ooze out’ with force on day 1 (thanks to the lack of knowledge of the nurses!) & when they ‘feel’ the mother is not making enough milk, they thrust the formula pack onto her hand.

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