Happy Weaning!

Namaste everyone

Hope you all are doing good.

So today, I’ll be answering the most commonly asked questions by moms. How did you start weaning? What food do give to Shiv? When did you start solid food? Etc etc .

So, Shiv was exclusively breastfed for 6 months. I never gave him top feed or any other source of nutrition before that. Many people start with Dal ka pani and water at around 4 months. But I do not recommend this. Breastmilk has all the required nutrients for a baby until 6 months.

See, I listen to my paediatrician and do everything according to him, and this has worked really well for me. ‘Doctor to yuheen kehte hain’ is the most commonly heard phrase from our relatives. But our doctors have studied for 10 long years guys. They know better than any of our family members or acquaintances . Why will the doctors advise something that’s not important? Think about it!

Anyways! Let’s begin with how I started weaning?
I started weaning at 6 months exactly. The first meal I gave Shiv was 2 spoons of coconut water. He got so excited after the first sip. I guess it happens with everyone.

How to begin?

Begin with 3 meals daily, 1/4th katori (bowl).
First Meal(Liquid)- Dal ka pani, Vegetable Soup, coconut water

Second Meal(fruit purees, blended properly)- banana, boiled apple, chikoo, seasonal fruits. Avoid sour fruits initially.

Third meal(Solid food)- khichdi, Daliya, Sooji kheer, Oatmeal, sooji halwa. Use breastmilk for cooking if needed.

Sips of water throughout day.

Increase the quantity to 1/2 katori after 15 days and add another solid meal
1 solid + 1 liquid + 1 fruit purée + 1 solid

Increase the quantity to 1 katori after next 15 days and add one more solid.
1 solid + 1 liquid + 1 solid + 1 fruit + 1 solid

After Shiv turned 7 months old, I started putting vegetables to his solid meals. Pumpkin, bottle gourd, carrots, beans, broccoli were my favourites. Avoid giving tomatoes initially. Also, I started with Paneer blended with Dal or vegetables, Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes at around 8 months.

Keep increasing the consistency of the food slowly. You may also use Amul full cream milk after 8 months for cooking food. No cows milk please. It contains high amount of proteins which are difficult to digest. Also, it lacks the right amount of iron required by the baby.

Things to avoid till 1 year
Cows milk

My baby doesn’t eat. What to do? Should I add salt or sugar to his/her food for flavour?
Well! This is again a very frequently asked question.
Weaning is very important, and it’s on us how we deal with it. Our babies will put us into a difficult situation for sure. That’s completely normal. That doesn’t mean that they need flavour. Let me make it very clear that OUR BABIES KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FLAVOUR INITIALLY. We will have to work hard and keep trying. Try to distract the baby with stories, toys, lights, flowers, shoes…anything. Let them watch television guys if that helps them eat. It’s just a matter of 10 minutes. I remember I used to take Shiv to the garden, or the temple in our house, or my mom in law used to talk while I spoon fed him. So there are many many ways. Never give up. Keep trying hard. Search for new ways and never panic.

Most importantly, always think positive. Thoughts like ‘Offo she won’t eat now’ , ‘Why isn’t she eating?’, ‘It is very difficult to make her eat’ are negative thoughts. Instead think that ‘My kid is a good girl’, ‘She will eat properly’, ‘She will love what I have cooked today’ are some positive thoughts that should always be there in your mind.

Things to remember:

1. Try using a high chair so that the baby can learn to sit and eat properly.

2. Never force feed the baby. Always remember that babies would never starve themselves.

That’s it guys! Let me know if you want to know about anything else in the comment section below. Also, Shiv(11 months) is going through a difficult teething phase right now. He does not want to eat anything. So, all you experienced and beautiful moms, please suggest me ways to deal with this cranky phase.. I shall be grateful.

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Take care



11 thoughts on “Happy Weaning!

  1. My daughter is 8 months old she refused solid foods nd liquid also what’s happened with her i dont know m verry worried about her


  2. Thanks for this article. It is very useful one more question ap paneer ko daal me boil krte ho ya baad me add krte ho or carrot pumpkin etc in sb ka soup bnakr dete ho ya boil krke

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for this article.. My baby is of 8months old as per nw ppl tel not blend d cooked rice for babies karke I just want to know hw were you feeding fo shiv n wt n all food can v give nw fo 8month baby

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for this article.. My baby is of 8months old as per nw ppl tel not blend d cooked rice for babies karke I just want to know hw were you feeding fo shiv n wt n all food can v give nw fo 8month baby


  5. Thanks for this article.. My baby is of 8months old as per nw ppl tel not blend d cooked rice for babies karke I just want to know hw were you feeding fo shiv n wt n all food can v give nw fo 8month baby


  6. Hey there.. Doing a great job out here..

    Few things i would like to point out though..
    Coconut water has way too many complex minerals for a baby to digest..
    Dal ka pani or liquids isnt recommended for babies as it fills up their tummy and replaces the BM/FM intake. Water consumption shouldnt be more than 40-60 ml.
    At 6 months only one meal is needed by the baby and a new meal can be added every new month. So one meal at 6 month, two meals at 7 months and so on.
    Also A vegetable is preferred over a fruit while weaning and hand mashed prefered than pureed form.

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  7. Hey hi dear! My baby going through his tough phase of teething, 9 months old. Not ready to eat anything solid after hes had 2-3 bites. How did u cope up?


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