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It took really long for me to put together my birth story as it was the most scary yet memorable day of my life. I have kept it very raw and simple,and I hope you guys will like it. Happy reading and here it goes!

Since the day I got pregnant, I always knew that I wanted a natural delivery, and my commitment became even stronger as the time passed. I read a lot of books, browsed the internet and attended several childbirth classes, and to be honest, most of them focused on natural delivery. I always had this in my mind that it is better to deliver in a way that the God and nature has created. Another reason why I wanted a natural birth was because I also wanted a faster recovery.

It was 22 May 2017, at around 9 pm. I was watching TV while laying on the sofa and suddenly, I felt some trickling. I immediately called Avinash and we rushed to the hospital without wasting any time. There, the emergency doctor did my check up, and we were disappointed as it was just mucus…lol. We came back home, but I don’t know how I had that intuition that something was going to happen, and went off to sleep.

I slept really well that night and woke up at around 9 am. As soon as I got off from the bed, I felt trickling again, which was much more than the previous one. I was really scared and asked Avinash and my mom in law to take me to the hospital again. I remember, we were in the lift and I suddenly felt a gush of fluid coming out. ‘Oh my God, my water broke!’

At around 10 am, my doctor did my checkup and I was shifted to the labour room immediately. I was made to wear that scary pink hospital gown and they also gave me a tablet to induce pains. I could feel a continuous trickling, but there was no pain at all.

Ugh! I look horrible. They made me eat because I needed energy to tolerate the labour pains! Avinash! You could have clicked a nicer picture.

It was 10:45 exactly, and I felt my first contraction. Avinash and my mom in law were with me in the labour room. The contractions appeared in a gap of 15 mins, and oh boy! They were terrible! As the time passed, the intensity of pains increased and at around 2:30 pm, they became continuous with maximum intensity and I was shouting badly. Avinash was there with me throughout, holding my hand and was cheering me up.

By mid afternoon, the contractions were coming one after the other, but I was only 3-4 cm dilated. The doctor told me that I wasn’t progressing, “We should think about a C-section.” My first reaction was that I didn’t want one, and starting crying even louder. She told me that she would let me go for another 4-5 hrs, but I might not progress anymore. And also I had lost all my amniotic fluid and there was a risk that my baby could catch some infection. I had not read much about C -section and I didn’t know what to expect. I trusted my doctor and said Ok.

Now, comes the most terrible part of my delivery. First of all, Avinash was not allowed to stay with me during the operation. Second, I was in full intensity labor pain and I seriously don’t remember what all they were doing with me at that time. I can just recollect that I was surrounded by n number of people and they first made me sit, did something on my back, I felt a sharp pain due to the injection and started crying badly. Uff! I get goosebumps whenever I think of that moment.

Then, they made a partition and I couldn’t see what the doctors were doing. They also put an oxygen mask on my face and I felt pretty relaxed and mentally present at that time. Right before she pulled the baby out, she gave me a signal,’We are ready’, and they pulled him out. I could feel everything that was going on, but it was not painful.

The baby started crying the second he was out, and they didn’t even tell me whether it was a girl or a boy, despite me asking many times.It took them 5 minutes to clean the baby and test him. Then they brought the baby to me, and said IT IS A BOY.

OMG! That was the most beautiful and precious moment of my life. I think those feelings cannot be expressed in words. He was staring at me with his widely opened eyes and the first thing I said to him was, ‘I LOVE YOU MY BABY‘. Then, they took him outside and announced the good news to my family.

Here comes my boy! Little Shiv has arrived!

The only regret that I have was that my husband couldn’t be with me during my delivery. I always dreamt of seeing my baby for the first time with Avinash. Anyways, it’s fine. Everything that happens, happens for good.

Yes guys I had a C-section and it was surely not a part of my “birth plan,” but the outcome, the healthy baby, THAT was the most important thing.

So, peeps I hope you enjoyed reading my BIRTH STORY. I know it was a bit long but I seriously have edited a lot to keep it very simple.

This is it guys! Please share your birth stories with me. I would love to hear them. And also do not forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. And also, do follow me on Instagram for regular updates.

See you soon lovelies with another story of my life. Stay tuned, and spread positive vibes.

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My Third Trimester- The Final Stretch!

Hello beautiful people


A very very Happy Diwali to all of you! Well! This post was supposed to be published on Diwali, and I am really sorry for the delay. I was pre occupied by a lot of stuff. I know you guys will understand.

So, today’s Blogpost is about the final stage of my pregnancy – The Third Trimester.
Let’s begin and Happy Reading!

My second trimester flew by so fast. I think when you feel fabulous the time goes by faster. Read all about my second trimester here if you haven’t .

The energy I felt during my second trimester, I was hopeful that it would continue for a few weeks more. I was wrong. My third trimester was a flipping physical challenge . I enjoyed being pregnant and I loved my bump. But, it was not so easy on the body.


Third trimester woes first:

No sleep: Sleeping became a little difficult. My belly was much larger now, so turning over became a challenge. I couldn’t sleep on my back anymore as it puts too much pressure. And I had to wake up several times to use the washroom.

Weight gain: There is a drastic weight gain as soon as you enter the third trimester. It felt as if someone was filling air into me. I gained around 12 kgs during this time. I wondered how people with large bellies live! lol

Body discomforts: Back aches, heartburn,swollen feet and lots of fatigue comes along. It makes you feel that you just want your baby in your arms and your pregnancy to be over.

No clothes: You get bored wearing the same clothes every third day. My wardrobe had just those few 5-6 outfits which I wore consecutively. I didn’t feel like spending too much on my maternity clothes as they would be of no use later.

Nervousness: As the time for delivery nears, I experienced a lot of fear about childbirth. I always worried about how painful my labour would be, how long will it last and will I be able to manage the baby or not. All these things bothered me and I felt worried.





Good things now

Guilt free eating: I craved for lots of sweets during these three months. I remember having a full bucket of Baskin Robbins ice cream at night. I didn’t care about gaining another pound because at this point, what’s one more pound? Lol

Centre of attraction: Your aura is so good at this time that everyone is attracted towards you. I have noticed people opening the doors, asking me if I need assistance and always smiling at me. It is such a great feeling.

So much love: I got so much love and care from my husband during this time. He was so supportive. How are you feeling today? Have you eaten? Shall I give you a massage? Did you sleep well? These were the daily questions in my third trimester. He became one of those dreamy husband and I felt blessed to have him.

Excitement: The excitement that you are just some months….weeks…days…away from meeting your little one and adding a blessing to your family makes all the woes worth it!




Some tips from me to handle the third trimester

  1. Start going for a minimum 1/2 hour walk daily.
  2. Do Duck walking as soon as you enter the 8th month.
  3. Whenever you feel down, just talk to you baby bump.
  4. Eat healthy and avoid junk.
  5. Avoid spicy food as they cause heartburn and gas.
  6. Attend Childbirth classes.
  7. Avoid going to public washrooms. Even if you do, use toilet seat sanitisers like PeeSafe.
  8. Pamper yourself by going for shopping and meeting friends.
  9. Do your baby shopping. Try buying neutral colours.
  10. Drink plenty of water and take adequate rest.

This is it guys! I am sure there are many more things that happened/will happen with you. Please do share it with me. I would love to hear them from you.

And also, please do not forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Thanks for reading. I love you all!

I will soon be back with another post on MY BIRTH STORY. So, Stay Tuned and spread lots of love!


My Baby Shower

Hello Peeps


During my third trimester, my family threw the most beautiful and happening baby shower for me and my baby. It was definitely a day I would never forget.. After reading this post, I am sure all moms to be will start planning their baby shower this way. Yes, it was a little ‘LOG KYA KAHENGE’ type of party. But, I always wanted it this way and I am so happy that it turned out being so amazing and successful.

So, lets begin!

Theme: I always wished for a very non traditional, western and a modern baby shower, more of a fun party. I knew I wanted a very different theme. Because it was summers, so we chose it to be A SUNDOWNER PARTY. We planned it on a Sunday so that we could start early by 5pm and get back home well in time.(This didn’t happen fortunately😜)

The cocktail Bar!

Dress code: Well! Sundowner means comfort. So there was no need for a dress code. But still we chose it to be ALL WHITE. It looked so picturesque. Everyone was in white while people from the family wore pinks and blues. I chose to wear a beautiful baby pink gown by Vaunt Designer Clothing and Avinash wore this baby blue suit by Vasnam.



Venue: The venue of the party was VUE in Paradise hotel, Jaipur. This place is perfect to host a Sundowner party. It is a rooftop lounge and has that perfect and mesmerising sunset view. They have a well trained and friendly staff, especially the bartender; and their food is amazing.



Food: No one wants to gorge on heavy food so early, so we chose to keep bite sized and finger food for starters. Pizzas, Quesadillas, jalepeno poppers and grilled paneer were some of them. The best part was that all our guests were munching on these till the very end. Later, we ended the party with a proper dinner also.

The cheese Bar!

Drinks: These were the highlights of our party. We started with very light and summery drinks like wine, sangrias, beer, margaritas and fruit based mocktails. They were served with a delicious cheese platter. I was  munching on the cheeses till the end of the party (#pregnancycravings)…Later, everyone hopped to the actual bar😜

Don’t worry! That’s water:)

Decoration: Me and Avinash wanted to invest less in decorations as venue itself is so beautiful. So, we just bought some balloons and baby banners from Party Hunters, Jaipur. We also made a photobooth for some fun.

That view…ahaaa

Some DIY baby shower badges

That kiss!

Family Girls Gang

Giveaways: This was my favourite part. Just like our theme, I wanted the giveaway to be very different. So, we made a hamper containing Cookies (by Brown Sugar Jaipur) and BABY MAKING POTION. Actually, we put this sticker on a Vodka bottle. How cool is that!


I am so happy that everything turned out absolutely perfect, it felt surreal. And I am so so thankful to our tribe of friends who came up  to celebrate our miracle. Lots of love to everyone..

So guys…How did you like this post? Isn’t it amazing? Please let me know by commenting below…And Do not forget to follow me on Instagram for more….

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My Second Trimester Recap

Hello lovelies


A few days back, I posted about how my first trimester was like. Read it here if you haven’t.

I would start this post by a note that every pregnancy is different, so please don’t compare your experiences with others.

Let’s begin…

My second trimester was wonderful and it was amazing to feel a jelly bean growing fast inside you. It’s really true what most people say. Second trimester will treat you very well and will leave you feeling your absolute best. Here are some of my second trimester experiences…..

▪️I was done with morning sickness by the end of 14-15 week. I felt good and my appetite for tasty 😋 food returned. I started craving for pizzas and nachos….and Chinese and what all😜.

▪️I felt more energetic. It seemingly happened overnight. Going to my workplace or shopping was no longer a huge task. I also started enjoying my yoga classes and became more productive in these three months.

▪️The best part of this trimester was that my skin started glowing and I looked amazingly beautiful☺️. Also my hair became noticeably thicker.


This picture is from a cousin’s wedding in Jodhpur. Look how obsessed I was with my skin.

▪️I gained a lot of weight (which is pretty obvious), approx 9 kgs, just in these 3 months. But, the strange thing was….that I loved it. My weight gain made me feel happy.
But, yes… back wasn’t very happy with this…haha

▪️I also had some sleeping issues in my 6th month. I had always been a belly-sleeper. And your bump doesn’t allow you to sleep on your stomach. This transition was really hard for me. I ended up sleeping against a lot of pillows by my side.

▪️The biggest drawback of the second trimester is clothes. I struggled a lot with my outfits. Being a fashion lover, I couldn’t find good maternity clothes anywhere (not even online). So, I ended up wearing large sizes of Zara and H&M.

▪️Guess what was my most memorable moment of this trimester……The FIRST BABY KICK. I felt the first kick around the 18th week. It started as fluttering but it’s intensity increased with time. I remember how the baby stopped kicking whenever Avinash put his hands on my belly…haha😂. I really cherish those moments. Feeling this baby kick is seriously the most incredible feeling. It makes all the discomfort and pain feel like nothing.

This trimester was a vacation compared to first. We travelled to alot of places like Delhi,Jodhpur, Udaipur and 2 times to Pushkar. In fact, we also went to GOA for our BABY MOON during this time. I am glad I live in this time when Baby moon is a thing. Our trip was amazing and Avinash pampered me a lot just like that Perfect Husband.

Just look at that BUMP! Relax! Chill! Relax! This is all we did in Goa…..

Some tips for Second Trimester:

  • Start with pregnancy yoga as soon as you enter this trimester.
  • Attend pregnancy related and childbirth classes.. I was lucky as my hospital; offered both Yoga and pre and post pregnancy seminars.
  • Start moisturising your belly to prevent Stretch marks and reduce itchiness.
  • Pamper yourself with pedicure, manicure and pre natal massages.
  • This is the best time to travel. So, take advantage and plan a BABY MOON with your partner. Just remember to get a Fit to Travel Certificate from your doctor before flying.
  • Start Sleeping on your left side, otherwise it will be difficult to adjust in the third trimester.
  • Go shopping and buy somes new clothes and shoes…..
  • Eat Healthy and drink plenty of water.

I hope you consider these tips and let me know about your journey by commenting below.

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Much love


 Throwback to my First Trimester!

Hey lovelies


First of all,  thank you so much everyone for an amazing response to my last post. My goodness! I could not stop smiling the whole day, reading all your sweet comments. Avinash and I were overwhelmed. So thank you😊

I also told you guys that I will share my pregnancy journey with all of you from the very beginning. So, here I am to start with my First trimester..

My First Trimester- the fun begins..

Well! My first trimester was not at all fun and a little hard for me. I could not eat anything . I had nausea almost all the time and I remember how I ate only  paranthas with mango pickle everyday. The thought of eating a pizza (which is my favourite) made me feel sick and I also felt like vomiting sometimes. Yes…I got no cravings in these three months of my pregnancy. I think my first trimester was one LONG HANGOVER…Lol. It made me feel sick, vomit, lay on the bed all the time. Sometimes, the hangover felt like the worst thing and it even made me cry. I broke down a lot of times. But, Thank god I got a partner like Avinash.  I feel so lucky to have him. He was always there by my side and helped in every way possible.

Wow!I saw my baby..

I still remember my first ultrasound. It was my 7th week. Our baby was of the size of a small seed and we could see that fluttering heartbeat on the screen. And then in the the next appointment,  our little seed had sprouted and developed arms and legs. We were amazed to see our child growing so fast. I really treasure that moment when Avinash was looking at his child.It was the best feeling in the world.

Some tips from me….

There were some things that helped me to overcome morning sickness. I really want to share it with you.

  1. Have a dry toast or cracker as soon as wake up in the morning.
  2. Take small meals every 2-3 hrs.
  3. I used to sniff dove soap whenever I felt nauseous.
  4. Drink cold milk.(obviously if it’s summer time)
  5. Wear comfortable and loose clothes.
  6. Avoid spicy food.
  7. Try to keep yourself busy. Reading a book, playing games or meeting friends will keep your preoccupied.
  8. Drink lots of water.
  9. Take rest.
  10.  Lastly, always remember that the key to good health care is in your mind. Don’t take stress or think too much, rather try to express yourself and have a positive attitude.

I hope these basic tips are of some help. If you have more suggestions to add to this list, please comment below. I would also love to read about your story of this beautiful and emotional roller coaster ride.

Much love


This was almost the end of my first trimester. Just look at that lil bump. It is one of those first pregnancy pics when you can finally see your bump. It was such a thrill. It makes the bond between you and your baby grow stronger.

This was almost the end of my first trimester. Just look at that lil bump. It is one of those first pregnancy pics when you can finally see your bump. It was such a thrill. It makes the bond between you and your baby grow stronger.

Special announcement…..

Helloooo Lovely people


My apologies for coming back after so long. It has been almost a year since my last post. I missed you guys so much. But I am back with a bomb….a very special news……*surprise* ……..Me and Avinash became parents to a baby BOY.

Haha, YES I didn’t even reveal it on any of the social media. But I swear my pregnancy was the most fascinating and beautiful experience. These were probably the sweetest days of my life.

So, let us start from the very beginning…what do you say?🤗

My Pregnancy- The Good News

On September 2016, almost after two and a half years of being married, I got to know that I was pregnant. Tha-dah….in the blink of an eye, my entire life changed. That feeling of having a baby inside you is unexplainable. Then, I surprised Avinash and told him about it, and his reaction and that happy face will forever be in my memory. The best part was, it was his birthday also. Avinash said that this was the most precious gift he could ask for ever in his life. We both were so happy and we couldn’t hold our excitement to share this news with our family. That day was just so perfect.

As of today, my baby is almost one and half months old and I sometimes really miss my pregnancy journey. So, here I am sharing my pregnancy with you all…I hope you people will like it..

In my coming posts I would be sharing my pregnancy experiences order wise starting from the first trimester and we’ll also talk about maternity fashion and what all I wore during those lovely days.


This is one of our happiest moments. ‘We are pregnant’ is the most beautiful feeling in the world, I swear.

In these pictures,  I am wearing a wrinkled cotton dress by Tuli by Vaunt and the Blue topaz chain is from Shree Durga Jeweller. Follow them on Instagram and check out their amazing collection.

Let me know if you like this post by commenting below.

Till then, stay happy and adore yourself😊