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Have you been following a proper intimate care regimen during and after pregnancy? Let me tell you about its importance in my blog post today!

As women, our body goes through several hormonal changes during and after pregnancy. During this period, due to hormonal changes, the intimate area is prone to infections and excessive discharge. Additionally, this disturbs the pH balance which leads to irritation and itching in the intimate area. To maintain the right pH balance, it is essential to include intimate care products in our personal hygiene routine.

To cater to this need of ours, Himalaya FOR MOMS has come up with an Intimate Care range –   Intimate Wash and Intimate Wipes.

1. Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wash

Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wash is specially formulated for mothers to gently cleanse the intimate area. It is infused with Tea Tree Oil, which helps relieve itching and irritation, and Pongamia Oil, which helps prevent odor. Also, it lathers well, and the fragrance is not very strong.

How to Use:

Apply Himalaya Intimate Wash gently on the external intimate area from front to back and rinse with water. You can use the wash twice a day.

Price –  ₹116 for 100 ml and ₹205 for 200 ml

2. Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wipes

Just like the wash, the wipes are an essential intimate care product, especially while traveling. I carry a pack of wipes in my handbag when I’m on the move. The wipes are a perfect solution to keep the intimate area clean. The wipes are enriched with Lavender Oil and Pongamia Oil. Lavender Oil helps prevent odor and Pongamia Oil helps reduce itching, irritation, and dryness.

Price– ₹50 for 10s and ₹110 for 25s

So, guys, I do understand that most of us don’t get time for ourselves as we are so busy taking care of our children. Also, some of us are not comfortable talking about intimate care and hygiene. But, these small things play a very important role in our personal hygiene and don’t take much time. As I always say, SELF CARE comes first! Big thumbs up to both these products by Himalaya FOR MOMS.

Do try them and don’t forget to share your reviews with me.

Check out their Instagram page HIMALAYA.BABYCARE now.



Palmers X Funderland Mighty Mum Bloggers Meet-Up 

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I was recently invited by Palmer’s, one of the biggest skin care brand, for a Mighty Mum Bloggers Meet up, at Funderland. Funderland is an indoor play area for kids, situated in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

While we mommies had an amazing learning experience with Dr Mahima Bakshi, Author of the book Birthing Naturally and a mother and child wellness expert, our kids were busy exploring the multi-level indoor play centre designed to keep  the children entertained, engaged and zinging with energy!

Palmers’  has been synonymous to motherhood and skincare .  Most of you might have heard about their maternity skincare range like stretch marks cream. However, we were also introduced to their latest Women’s Bath and Body products along with their 100% natural baby care range.

These elevated new offerings were presented by Brand and Communications Director, Urvashi Parmar. Urvashi spoke about how she had put up this event to help various moms voice out their queries and opinions about the Brand and help them discover the new wonders of skincare. She mentioned that Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil is the brand’s take on the emerging skincare category of face and body oils.

She said, “Mums of all ages  are keen to keep their skin looking youthful and radiant but they never have enough time for extensive skincare routine. Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil Face is a saviour, an all-in-one product that takes care of all your worries. Our absolute holy grail that experts swear by! Moreover, it’s so cost-effective that you just can’t ignore it.”

During the event, Mayank Aggarwal, Co-owner and Senior Director of Marketing, Funderland explained the value of uninterrupted playtime in children. Not only it’s important for a child’s development, it is an opportunity for children to bond with their parents and learn valuable skills.

Funderland is perfect for families and friends looking for a way to have a memorable time while staying active in a safe and carefree environment. With separate areas for babies, toddlers and older children up to 10 comprising of giant spiral, drop and wavy slides, basketball area, ball pool, trampolines, mega multi-lane slide, mini-climbing wall, go karts as well as a relaxing restaurant space for grown ups, they offer a unique and fulfilling experience for the entire family to enjoy.

The session was followed by delicious lunch and casual discussions about motherhood, career and self-care. The event concluded with amazing goodies and thank you gift boxes from Palmer’s India.

For more information, please visit: www.palmersindia.com and  www.funderland.co.in



My Post Pregnancy Hair Care Routine- with Kama Ayurveda!

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Hope you all are doing great and my Mommy readers, hope you are all enjoying your motherhood! It’s the most beautiful experience of a woman’s life. Enjoy it to the maximum because these days won’t come back!

Pregnancy was a wonderful experience for me. There were plenty of beauty bonuses that helped me look and feel great. One of them was a Fabulous head of hair. Thanks to those pregnancy hormones. But what happens to those thick and lustrous hair after 3 months post delivery? Oh god, it’s super stressful. Isn’t it?

Today, I will be talking about My Post Delivery Hair Care routine. I was very happy with my hair till 3 months after Shiv was born. But then I was shocked to see my hair falling out. It felt as if I would go bald in a few days. This happened for 1 month daily. I felt so worried throughout and one day my mom suggested me to try hair care products from Kama Ayurveda.

1.Kama Ayurveda cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil-

I actually bought this oil for Shiv’s daily massage. And one day I tried this on my hair too. Since then it has been my favourite and I never forget to apply this at least once a week. I first warm it up and apply it on my scalp, I massage my scalp gently for few minutes and then leave it for at least 20 min before washing my hair. I can really see the difference, as it leaves my hair looking super shiny and healthy. This coconut oil is definitely a must have in my bathroom.

Price- ₹595/- for 200ml

Shop now

2.Kama Ayurveda Rose and Jasmine Hair Cleanser-

I love using natural and organic products on my hair, as the chemical ones tend to damage our hair in the process of cleaning it. The Rose and Jasmine hair cleanser is a mild shampoo and is made up of natural ingredients. Initially when I tried this shampoo, I got a little worried that if my hair were washed properly or not, as there was not much lather formation. But my hair really felt very clean. I was super happy with the results. What I must suggest here is that, it takes time to see the benefits of a new shampoo that you start to use. Give it atleast a month to see how your hair behaves to it before opting for another one. I have been using this shampoo since 4 months now and I have not seen any hairfall. Also, I love how soft and clean my hair looks after every wash.

Price- ₹1125/- for 200ml

Shop now.

3.Kama Ayurveda Rose and Jasmine Hair Conditioner

This is a must have if you are using the above shampoo. It is again a chemical free conditioner and leaves my hair immensely soft and bouncy. Just apply on wet shampooed hair, concentrating on the ends. Keep it for 4-5 minutes and rinse it off with clean water. It prevents hairfall, promotes hair growth and leaves them look stronger, shinier and moisturised with every wash.

Price- ₹1250/- for 200ml

Shop now.

All these products as available on Nykaa as well. Shop now here.

So that’s it guys. Post pregnancy hair fall is a temporary phase. After you give birth, your estrogen levels decreases causing the hair(which were in resting phase during pregnancy) to fall out. There is absolutely no need to worry. You will not go bald. Just take good care of your hair, eat proper iron and protein rich food and most importantly do not take any stress.

As I always say, enjoy your motherhood, be happy and spread positive vibes.

I hope you had a happy read. Please leave your reviews or any queries in the comment section below. Also, follow me on Instagram for regular updates.



My Baby Wearing Experience with Soul Slings!

Hello Friends


When I was a kid, I remember how exciting it was to watch people from the west carrying their little ones on their tummies. Many (especially in India) were not aware about this concept at that time. But, since past few years, baby wearing has become very popular among people all over the world.

Babywearing– is simply the process of keeping your little ones close to you while you do your work handsfree. Even I never heard that word until Shiv was born. I didn’t know that it’s even possible to ‘wear’ your baby. I thought that baby carriers are just for traveling. Also, being a first time mom, I was a little skeptical about it being safe. But when I discovered that it is a completely secure process (if worn properly), I decided to go for it.


Luckily, few weeks back, I recieved a mail from Soul slings, Bangalore asking me to try their Linen Soul Anoona (Who would say no to this?). I was overjoyed and selected my favourite colour and pattern immediately. And in the next few days, my Soul carrier was at home. They also sent me a pair soft souls(shoes) for Little Shiv.


How Baby wearing helped me?

Shiv loves to be held most of the time and doesn’t stay in the stroller for long. It becomes very hectic for me to travel, shop and do the daily chores at home. Sometimes, if I am alone at home or outside, I get so tired and stressed out holding him all the time.
With baby tucked in a carrier, I feel so independent as my hands are free and I can easily do all my day to day activities like cooking(mild cooking), laundry, travel, shopping and also blogging(sometimes).


Not only us(parents), baby wearing also helps our babies feel comfortable and secure. Carriers allow baby to enjoy being in your presence even when you are concentrating on other activities. Recently, we went to Amritsar for a short vacation. I wore Shiv mostly in the front face position and he was so happy looking around new people and places. Thankfully the trip was a success and lots of credit goes to my Linen Soul Anoona by Soul slings.


CrazyLilMum Review:

Fabric Quality– The first thing that impressed me as soon as I opened my carrier was the soft and lightweight linen fabric. It looks so breathable and is perfect for hot weather. Also, linen is considered to be more durable and it gets softer with every use.

Comfort– This factor plays a very important role to ensure whether your baby is in a proper position or not. My Linen Soul Anoona has padding at the right places for the baby, along the neck and back, thigh padding; and in the bum area. Also, the buckles and straps feel very gentle on my body, yet firm and are well made for the safety of the baby.


Versatile– another feature I love about this sling is that it supports 5 carrying positions. (front carry, newborn front carry, front carry facing out, hip carry, and back carry). Shiv likes to be held in the front facing position most of the time as he loves to look around.


Super stylish– This is the most attractive thing about this brand. They make a huge range of super stylish slings with very pretty colours, and fascinating patterns. The one which I am using is the sailor pattern . It is pastel blue with a hint of pink on the sides. These are perfect for style conscious parents.


Ease of use– It takes time initially to get that perfect fit, but once you get used to it, it becomes extremely easy to wear. I wore it in a wrong way quite a few times. So, do watch a demo on YouTube before starting.

Additional features– It can be used for newborn(3.2kg) to a toddler(20kg). It also has a hood in the front to protect your baby from sun or cold winds. This hood also aids in Breastfeeding while babywearing.

Overall, I give my Linen Soul Anoona 5/5, It is extremely comfortable and this is what I was looking for since a very long time.

Price- 7750/-
Yes, you may find it a little pricey in the beginning. But it’s definitely worth it. (Listen, it can be used till toddlerhood. What else do we need?). You can buy the same sailor design here.

Availability- soulslings.com

So guys, go grab your baby carriers now. And, please let me know about your thoughts on Babywearing, and how this has helped you?

Also, do not forget to follow me on Instagram for regular feeds!

Much love!

Note: The product was sent to me by the brand in exchange of an honest review. However, the views shared are my own. I will never recommend anything to my followers that I won’t use for myself or my family.