Those 40 DAYS!

Motherhood It is a whole new world.
Here comes, a cute baby boy, with big eyes and the best smile in the world.. We welcomed our little bundle of joy on 23 May 2017, and we named him SHIV.


Hey Guys

I am back with another episode of my life, HOW I SPENT THOSE 40 DAYS. I would like to discuss this story into 2 parts. First, on my experiences and the second part on my diet. So, let’s begin and have a happy read!

As soon as we see that cute innocent face, we forget all the pain and wounds that incurred during the delivery. But, it is really important to give our body good rest so that it gets back to normal. In India,elders advise a confinement period of 40 days, when the new mom and baby stays indoor and the mom is not allowed to do any household work… thus giving her time to take adequate rest and bond with the baby.
I was told about this by all my family members as soon as I got pregnant. At first, I thought it to be a useless old practice, which has no meaning. But, after browsing the internet and reading some Ayurvedic books, I realised its importance. A proper post delivery care is very essential to reduce the risk of many health complications that may arise later. And these 40 days are meant for that.


1. I was given a full time Japa Bai as soon as I entered my house. When she arrived, I was a bit set back. First, she was old and second I never wanted one. You know, I am a very possessive person and I don’t easily trust people. So, I was always very hesitant to hand over my baby to her. It’s not that she was inefficient, it was just my fears. In fact, with time I realised that she was so knowledgable and had so much experience of handling newborns. I learned a lot of things from her, most importantly bathing my baby. Full credit goes to her. The only problem I faced was her interfering nature. I am a Doctor Bhakt, and sometimes didn’t allow her to do certain things( example Loi). But, still I really thank her for being there with me 24 hrs for those 40 days.

2. Despite, having a japa maid, I made sure to massage and bathe my baby on my own. This helps in mother-baby bonding. It gave me a sense of joy. And I also read somewhere, that it helps to reduce the chances of Post partum depression. Yes, I didn’t suffer from that.

3. YouTube Zindabad– Guys my best friend during those days was Youtube. It taught me everything, from changing Little Shiv’s diapers to some great baby massaging moves.

4. Those sleepless nights– During my pregnancy, I used to visualise a cute little baby sleeping peaceful in the cot, very close to my bed, and I watched my angel smiling back at me. But..Uff…the reality was very different.
My husband and I used to feel like zombies. We were seriously suffering from lack of sleep. I remember how we used to spend every minute of the whole night getting him to sleep-nursing, rocking, singing or changing diapers. He used to take a solid 15 minutes nap each time and then woke up wanting to be snuggled again….Mommy I miss you….lol. We three used to sleep at 7 am till 11 am every day. This was the routine. Everyone used to say that that I should sleep when the baby sleeps. But I don’t know why, it was very hard for me. And also, I don’t remember when my baby slept for 16-18 hrs a day. It was hardly just 10 hrs.
This continued for around 1.5 months, and Shiv finally had a sleep routine after that. All thanks to my mom who guided me on how to sleep train a baby.

5. Sleep training your newborn-
Step 1- Pick a bed time and stick to it. It was 10:00 pm in my case.
Step 2- Give your baby a massage.
Step 3-Change his/her clothes and let them be comfortable in their night suits.
Step 4- Switch off the lights and feed the baby.
Step 5-Sing a song. Try to sing the same lullaby every night.
….And the baby goes to sleep.
Shiv used to get up 4-5 times at night just for taking feed.

That’s it guys. I hope these sleep training steps will be of some help to you. Do let me know about your experiences in the comment section below. I would love to here from you. Also, do not forget to follow me on Instagram for more.

Thanks for reading! And I will be back soon with ‘My Diet and How I lost my pregnancy weight’ next time.. So, stay tuned and spread good positive vibes.