My Third Trimester- The Final Stretch!

Hello beautiful people


A very very Happy Diwali to all of you! Well! This post was supposed to be published on Diwali, and I am really sorry for the delay. I was pre occupied by a lot of stuff. I know you guys will understand.

So, today’s Blogpost is about the final stage of my pregnancy – The Third Trimester.
Let’s begin and Happy Reading!

My second trimester flew by so fast. I think when you feel fabulous the time goes by faster. Read all about my second trimester here if you haven’t .

The energy I felt during my second trimester, I was hopeful that it would continue for a few weeks more. I was wrong. My third trimester was a flipping physical challenge . I enjoyed being pregnant and I loved my bump. But, it was not so easy on the body.


Third trimester woes first:

No sleep: Sleeping became a little difficult. My belly was much larger now, so turning over became a challenge. I couldn’t sleep on my back anymore as it puts too much pressure. And I had to wake up several times to use the washroom.

Weight gain: There is a drastic weight gain as soon as you enter the third trimester. It felt as if someone was filling air into me. I gained around 12 kgs during this time. I wondered how people with large bellies live! lol

Body discomforts: Back aches, heartburn,swollen feet and lots of fatigue comes along. It makes you feel that you just want your baby in your arms and your pregnancy to be over.

No clothes: You get bored wearing the same clothes every third day. My wardrobe had just those few 5-6 outfits which I wore consecutively. I didn’t feel like spending too much on my maternity clothes as they would be of no use later.

Nervousness: As the time for delivery nears, I experienced a lot of fear about childbirth. I always worried about how painful my labour would be, how long will it last and will I be able to manage the baby or not. All these things bothered me and I felt worried.





Good things now

Guilt free eating: I craved for lots of sweets during these three months. I remember having a full bucket of Baskin Robbins ice cream at night. I didn’t care about gaining another pound because at this point, what’s one more pound? Lol

Centre of attraction: Your aura is so good at this time that everyone is attracted towards you. I have noticed people opening the doors, asking me if I need assistance and always smiling at me. It is such a great feeling.

So much love: I got so much love and care from my husband during this time. He was so supportive. How are you feeling today? Have you eaten? Shall I give you a massage? Did you sleep well? These were the daily questions in my third trimester. He became one of those dreamy husband and I felt blessed to have him.

Excitement: The excitement that you are just some months….weeks…days…away from meeting your little one and adding a blessing to your family makes all the woes worth it!




Some tips from me to handle the third trimester

  1. Start going for a minimum 1/2 hour walk daily.
  2. Do Duck walking as soon as you enter the 8th month.
  3. Whenever you feel down, just talk to you baby bump.
  4. Eat healthy and avoid junk.
  5. Avoid spicy food as they cause heartburn and gas.
  6. Attend Childbirth classes.
  7. Avoid going to public washrooms. Even if you do, use toilet seat sanitisers like PeeSafe.
  8. Pamper yourself by going for shopping and meeting friends.
  9. Do your baby shopping. Try buying neutral colours.
  10. Drink plenty of water and take adequate rest.

This is it guys! I am sure there are many more things that happened/will happen with you. Please do share it with me. I would love to hear them from you.

And also, please do not forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Thanks for reading. I love you all!

I will soon be back with another post on MY BIRTH STORY. So, Stay Tuned and spread lots of love!